Back from JAX

My conference in Jacksonville was interesting. I did enjoy the information I received. Unfortunately, I left with a VERY bad taste in my mouth. Here is the low-down…

– I arrived Tuesday afternoon before the 1.000 other attendees arrived. Got settled in my room and ran into some co-workers. I decided (against my better judgment) to go have an early dinner with them. It turned into a 2 FUCKING HOUR game of “Where we were going to eat?” Disaster.. Period..

– Met up with a bunch of people I worked with years ago and some quite sexy colleagues I met throughout my career. One particular “Boss” caught my eye. So what if he is married. I can fantasize, can’t I? Anyways, nothing ever happened, but I could tell he was checking me out and flirted with me. My suspicions were confirmed Wednesday evening when a Fire Fighter convention checked into the hotel and the bar was filled with fire fighters. Can you say YUMMMM!! Say it with me… Anyways, I regress.. I noticed how he was checking them out, especially their crotches, when the fire fighters were talking to our group.

– A “Boss” who I know but do not work with and who I have always suspected was gay confirmed by suspicions. I found his Craigslist ad Tuesay evening. I did not give it a whole lot of weight until we had lunch on Wednesday. I learned a few things about him as the group chatted. His ad was DEAD ON!! I just giggled every time I saw him.

– I did drive all over Jacksonville and learned the neighborhoods of “Crack Ally, Hooker Row, Homelessville and Tranny Central.” Need a tour of any large city, “Yeah, I’m classy that way!”

– Thursday evening was my “Biggest Mistake.” I had cocktails with co-workers. BIG MISTAKE. I guess during that time, a manager texted another manager that I was gossiping about her. Mind you, I was not drunk and even looking to get drunk. Apparently, asking what someone was doing for the evening turned into “Do you know what he is saying about you?” It got ugly on Friday with the Assistant Boss chewing my ass out at 10 a.m. I did see The Boss before I left and we talked for 15 minutes about the situation. All I could say is, “This is why I DID NOT HANG OUT WITH ANYONE PRIOR TO THIS!” Yeah, I was pissed. The Boss was really cool about it said we would deal with it Monday. All I know it had to be one of two managers who work on the same team with this woman who claimed I was gossiping about her.

– I enjoyed my weekend and did not worry about the shit at work. Had a great time Friday evening with my friend Manny, just lounging on Saturday, and darts on Sunday with my BFF Mike and my group of friends.

– I had a workshop to attend Monday and I figured out who was the person was who threw me under the bus. This person was involved at the workshop when I arrived, but I realized she was missing for 2 hours this morning when we went to small groups. She avoided me upon her arrival to the workshop and I avoided her. I was able to leave this afternoon with out having to deal with this situation.

So, there you have it. The good, the bad, and the ugly. So many lessons learned. June 30 cannot come soon enough. I will be in Sarasota then until who knows when. I am so ready for my vacation!!

On The Road Again..

Tomorrow afternoon will find me heading northeast on I-4 and then north on I-95 to Jacksonville. I am heading to a conference with 300 other managers, bosses, and poohbahs.

Of course I am taking my own car. I certainly do not want to be held prisoner to anyone. Now, I am all about going to break out sessions and meeting up with the leadership team to discuss what we plan to implement. BUT, after 5:00, it’s my time.

The managers who are going were all talking about going out and doing this and doing that. Yeah, that is NOT going to happen, at least with this camper. I will socialize with them Tuesday evening at our “Social” with the sponsor of the conference, but Wednesday and Thursday evening belong to me.

I plan on meeting up with this handsome blogger one of those evenings. It’s been way too long since we have seen each other and the last time I was in Jacksonville was for Sheryl Crow in April 2008. I want to go out and see what mischief I can find!

It’s Been a While


Is this thing on???

Is anyone there??

I know I have been a bad blogger since I have not posted SOMETHING in the last two months. I have no good reason, just laziness. Upon returning to work in early April, I spent so much time dealing with shit at work that I just did not have the energy to sit down and type.

Unless you are following me on twitter, this is what you missed:

– I spent most of April and May dealing with shit at work. This was shit I had never experienced in my 12 years. The Boss always made the final decision and her final decision has cost her 11 managers. She is too soft when it comes making decisions that created chaos. The only time things ran smoothly is when I was in charge. A manager made a comment to me one day. She said, “Can we vote on who should be making the final decisions around here?” It spoke volumes. The fiscal year ended last week and the next fiscal year should prove to be very interesting.

– I applied for a Senior Administrator position with the State in late May. I haven’t heard anything which is not a good sign. I am kind of annoyed since I did this job several years ago. I should have, at least, been granted an interview.

– I was sorry to hear of the passing of Brett. Brett was a local blogger (and dear friend) who wrote “Spider’s Web in Thornton Park.” His health had been failing and apparently he fell, hit his head, and a blood clot formed in his brain. I was told the surgery for removing the blood clot was successful, but he never regained consciousness after the surgery.

– Many Sunday afternoons were spent with friends at my favorite local watering hole playing darts. I suck at it, but it’s fun to be around friends just cutting loose.

– GayDays 2010 has come and gone. I opened my home to a twitter (former blogger) friend Daniel and had a wonderful time. We saw Sex and the City 2, hung out at the watering hole, shopping, and of course, Disney. I was able to snag free passes to Disney back in February. After 20 years of living here, I have learned you never pay to get into ANY theme park. I did have the honor of meeting Brett Cajun. He is just as cute in person and I only wished we had more time to hang out.

– June will be a busy month. I am heading to Jacksonville on Tuesday for a conference. I hope to find time to hang with Derek during my stay. After that, it’s 2 more workshops.

My last day at work will be June 30 at 3:00 p.m. and then I will be heading to Sarasota for who knows how long. Since I will be on vacation for most of July, I have no plans to return immediately.

There you have it; the last two months in a nut shell. I hope that since I will have more time and that I will not be so stressed out, I will have the energy to post. I hope everyone in blogland is doing well!

My Baby

I was distraught this week to learn the struts of my 2007 Volvo were shot. I purchased my car some three years ago and I was and still in love with my baby.

I was in Sarasota when I found this out. I tried to get my car in to the dealerships in Sarasota, Tampa, and even Ft. Myers. I was told by all three dealerships that with the number of snowbirds going back north, I had a better chance of seeing God than getting an appointment at their dealership. I was upset, but understood. I called the dealership in my Metro area and got an appointment for the next day.

I found myself on the road Wednesday morning. Thursday morning found me at the dealership dropping off my baby. The dealership told me I was still under warranty and it probably won’t be ready until Friday. I was okay with that.

I had everything I needed Thursday evening. And, if I needed anything, I have wonderful neighbors who would be there to help.

I had my neighbor Shelly drive my sorry ass up to the dealership Friday afternoon. My car wasn’t ready when she dropped me off, so I found myself at Winter Park Village just relaxing. It was wonderful.

I walked back to the dealership just in time for my car to be released. “Lou” was kind and thrilled to see my Volvo was all better. The best part was this:

I am thinking Volvo has me for life. I am okay with that.

It’s Been Awhile

Sorry for the lack of posts. Life and lack of anything worthy of posting kind of got in the way. So, what have my few readers missed since mid-February;

– During my last post, I was involved with my worker-bees preparing them for a competition against 5 other locations in my region. I was thrilled that our location came in first place. We came in first place last year. I was proud and thrilled to beat one particular location I worked at 2 years ago.

– Shortly after that, I came down with the worst case of bronchitis. I was laid up for 2 weeks and I was miserable.

– I finally met my lanai neighbor. She moved in back in November and other than a wave here and there, I kind of kept a low profile. She’s an absolute hoot and now chat daily. She, like me, loves her wine. We have had numerous evenings on the lanai just enjoying the weather and wine.

– I’ve worked way too hard. Finally had a week’s reprieve. I drove to Sarasota this past Monday for, what was suppose to be 5 days of rest and relaxation. On Wednesday, I went for an oil change. I found out my shocks are shot. LITERALLY. No wonder The Volvo was driving funky. I called Volvo of Sarasota for them to take care of this as my car is still under warranty. The earliest appointment, next week. I then called Volvo of Tampa and Ft Myers with no luck getting an appointment this week. I finally called my Volvo dealer where I bought my car and they had an appointment for me Thursday morning. I decided to leave my folks (after having a blast) so I could take of this problem and while I had time.

– Since this is April Fool’s Day, I woke this morning and opened my twitter account. I wondered if anyone had anything to say. I found out about this:

My friend Crazy did this at 12:01 a.m. I laughed my ass off when I saw this. I would not expect anything less of her. Of course I used this to my advantage today as I left my car at the dealer, and Crazy was there to pick me up. My car won’t be ready until tomorrow afternoon and I made her cart my sorry ass all over Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, and Orlando.

– I spent the afternoon with Crazy and her son, “Little Man Tate.” We had a blast watching The Blind Side and hanging out. As Crazy drove me back to the fifth floor tenement, I was reminded why people come into your life.

Life has been crazy this last month. I would not have changed a thing and I think that is nothing less than fabulous!

Winds of Change

I always thought Carly did not like me. I guess I was wrong. Carly is the person who also interviewed for the same position I did back in November and was the chosen candidate. I was okay with her receiving the position as the two of us were the most qualified for the position.

Last week, the department I work closely with at the corporate level sent out an e-mail looking for people to be apart of a Spring writing team. I really wanted to be a part of this team and after getting the blessing from The Boss, I was told I could apply. I was thrilled.

The deadline to apply was today (Thursday) at 5:00 p.m. My goal was to get it completed and sent to Carly (she is the go-to person) Monday afternoon, but that did not happen. Wednesday afternoon rolled around and an e-mail reminder from Glenda late Wednesday morning, I was determined to get the application completed.

I did.

I sent it to Carly in an e-mail with this e-mail;

From: Lives, Sorted
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 2:53 PM
To: D****-W*****, Carly
Subject: Writing Team Application

Hey Carley,

Attached is my application for the Spring Writing Team. Hope all is well with you.


I did not expect a response.

I was surprised this morning to open my e-mail to find this.

RE: Writing Team Application
D****-W*****, Carley
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 7:47 PM
To: Lives, Sorted

Hey Sorted. I was wondering if you were going to apply. I didn’t see your application so I asked Glenda to send a reminder out. Thanks. I will see you at “The Bowl” on the 25th. Good luck.


All I can say is, “Wow!” I never saw this coming. In the 9 months Carly and I worked together, I NEVER thought she liked me or respected my abilities in our field.

I guess I was wrong.

Photo of the Day

I was doing my rounds this morning to find this worker-bee crashed out. Apparently, he had a rough night. I was told by someone he slept 10 hours last night. You would never know it. I showed his “someone” the photo and she thought it was priceless and gave me her email so I could send her the pic.

He is an awesome worker-bee and reminds me why I love my job.

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